Cello s $5,000.00 - $10,000.00

Y.Chen Stradivarius model

Y. Chen instruments is the name of the high quality instruments and played by world well-known cellists. 

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Jay Haide à l’ancienne Special model

Dealer of Jay Haide instruments in local area. All Jay Haide cellos are hand-made of quality seasoned maple and spruce and have a tone quality. Jay Haide special model has been designed for the advanced students and professionals. The models are available in Strad, Montagnana and Ruggeri patterns. Please call for detail information.  

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Y.Chen Montagana model SOLD!

Yanbing Chen (Y. Chen) was awarded a silver medal in the international competiton. The Y. Chen Montagana cello has maple and Spruce body with ebony fingerboard. Warm and round sound that gives lots of tone color variation. Please call for detail information. 

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Heinrich Gill cello W2 (Monza) SOLD!

Anno 2015. Heinrich Gill W2 Monza is advancing player's model and made in Germany. Hand-graduated for optimal tone, nicely flamed maple, aged mountain spruce with lightly shade spirit varnish and richness in depth of sound.



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Demeter Petru Cristian

Romanian cello. 

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