Eulo Dorfino

This Eulo Dorfino viola was made in Vogtland and dated 1935. The back if of one piece of handsome maple and the top is of two pieces of spruce with straight and prominent grain of medium width.



Length        42.0 cm

Width U.B.  19.9 cm

Width L.B.   24.3 cm

Width M.B.  13.3 cm


The instrument comes with the certificate of one well-known appraiser.

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Tomasz J. Kowalski Workshop

Tomasz J. Kowalski is a violin, viola and cello maker in Nowy Targ.  He opened his own studio called "Kowalski Violin Makers Workshop" in 1999. His instruments are played in many orchestras in cities such as Tokyo, Berlin, Vienna and many others. Please call for detail information. 

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Ernst Heinrich Roth

16" inch viola by Ernst Heinrich Roth 1970.

Ernst Heinrich Roth (1877-1948) was a German luthier and master of a large and successful violin-maker workshop in the East German town of Markneukirchen. He was the most important and distinguished figure in a whloe dynasty of Roth luthiers active in Germany. The instruments stand out by the exceptional quality of their wood with very fine-grained Italian spruce on top and a highly flamed maple back. Their oil varnish was frequently an attractive red-brown on a warm, golden ground. All those attributes, together with a powerful, rich and mellow yet focused tone with bright, carrying overtones, have secured top Roth instruments a reputation as excellent orchestral and solo instruments. Please call for detail information. 

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Workshop of Ch. J. B. Collin-Mezin fils

Anno 1951. Charles Jean Baptiste Collin-Mezin (1841-1923) was a French maker of violins, violas, cellos, basses and bows. He was and Officer de i'Academie des Beaux-Arts and won gold and silver medals at the Paris Exhibitions in 1878,1889 and 1900. He was the son of luthier C.L. Collin, and father of Charles Collin-Mezin, Jr., also a luthier. His designs followed in the tradition of the famous Italian schools Stradivarius, Guarnerius, and Amati, although he developed his own unique varnish. His instruments are also characterized by a powerful and unusually brilliant tone. Please call for detail information. 

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